NAVITEL® is announcing the release of a new version of Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The updated app has received additional settings for route calculation and an even more user-friendly interface for POI display, and now has notifications on road signs.

New opportunities for routing

We are all very different – some people like speed and highways, and others prefer scenic towns and villages; some people travel by land only, when others travel between islands; finally, some prefer cars and others cross the whole country on a motorcycle – but each of us seeks the most convenient route. Now thanks to the new capabilities of Navitel Navigator 9.11.668, it is even more easier to map a route. Intuitive icons help the user to choose not just a required transport, when calculating the route, but also to set detours of paid roads, dirt roads or ferry lines – everything is to make your journey most comfortable.

Display of nearby POIs

Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 has also received a new useful feature for all travelers. In the new version of the program a dynamic list of nearby POI* with indicated distances is displayed during navigation mode. To change your route when want to stop by a petrol station or cafe you don’t need to use «search» function anymore – just press POI icon and re-calculate your route in the information window.

Road sign notifications

On top of that, the updated interface of Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 has got visual information on road signs when following the route. Why?

Imagine that you are at the unknown and complex junction where multiple motorways diverge from a single point with an array of ramps and branches, all situated very close to each other. Naturally it is quiet easy to miss a necessary turn and get lost. The display of informative road signs will serve you as an additional guide and help to prepare for an upcoming maneuver.

Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 has now better drawn maps and calculates route even faster.

* POI (points of interest) – infrastructure objects, landmarks, nature sights, and essential road points that might be useful for everyday life.

Owner of Android devices can download Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 update in Google Play and at the NAVITEL® website Download.

iPhone and iPad users can download Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 update in AppStore (iTunes).

Free and full-featured version of the program is available for 7 days after download. After this period to access the premium-version of Navitel Navigator 9.11.668 you need to buy a licence key.

You also may purchase an annual subscription for selected maps and use all the features of the premium-version**. You decide whether continue your subscription or cancel after the paid period is over.

** The subscription is valid for all existing packages with navigation maps except maps for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, including the packages that has at least one of aforementioned maps included.