Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that a software update for GPS dashcams is now available on NAVITEL® official page.

The new firmware includes the most up‑to‑date data* on speed control cameras, road restrictions, changes in the location of road signs and signs.

Among other things, significant changes have been implemented in the new release, including:

  1. Display of a new type object «Fake‑camera» – simulators of cameras of speed control and objects, similar to them.

  2. Display of average speed control cameras, that helps drivers to control the average speed of the car on individual sections of the track.

  3. Day and Night Shift modes. In 30 minutes after sunset, the brightness of the backlight change to more muffled and comfortable for the eyes. And the bright and more contrast Day mode automatically turned back in 30 minutes before sunrise.

You can read the detailed update instructions on our official website in the «Update the dashcam» section now.

For correct operation of dashcams with GPS‑informer, we recommended updating the software of your device regularly.

* The database is up to date as of September 13, 2019.